Why Visit Paris in the Winter?

Perhaps the most iconic thing to do in Paris is to sit on the lawn before the Eiffel Tower with a bottle of wine and someone to snuggle; but how do you do that when the ground is covered in snow and temperatures are at freezing? Winter might not seem like the best time to visit the City of Lights, but a visit during the cold months only adds dimension upon dimension to the already vibrant personality of Paris. Consider http://www.expedia.com/Cheap-Flights-To-Paris.d179898.Travel-Guide-Flights before you set any definite plans, but keep in mind these myriad reasons for booking November through March.

The Magic of the Holiday Season

The Champs-Elysees affords a gorgeous walk by any measure, but in the frosty air, with lights twinkling for the Christmas season and puffs of white breath before you, it is complete magic. Book your reservations in December and you will experience the spirit of a joyeux noel in the most enchanting way possible.

Great Savings

January through March in particular constitute the “off-season” in Paris, meaning that both plane tickets and hotel reservations can be had for discounted rates. Not only that, after the Christmas season has died down, many shops and department stores slash their prices on winter goods, so the shopping is at its most reasonable.

Solitude in the City

There is something about a big crowd that makes a hot day even worse. And since the city is at its lowest threshold in terms of tourism in February and March, all that space to wander and explore can allow for you to experience Paris at its most authentic, the streets throbbing still, but with the foot traffic of locals going about their everyday business and no one paying you much mind. It will make you feel like a Parisian, even if only for a few days.

Shorter Lines

The crowds before the Mona Lisa in the Louvre during the high season in the warm months are generally staggering. Now picture yourself with some “alone” time while standing before that enigmatic smile – room to breathe and space to think about what is causing the inscrutable curve of her lips. In fact, lines in most of the major attractions in Paris (and crowds in its restaurants and cafes) are greatly reduced during the cold season, so if your schedule is tight, you have a much greater chance of seeing everything you had your heart set on, as opposed to striking things off the list because the wait at one cathedral took over an hour.

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