The great Glenns Innes Celtic Festival

Are you English? Your parents? Your Grand parents? If so chances are you have some Celtic ancestors down the line. The Celts a were an impressive culture that lived in England and Europe a few thousand years ago. Many of their traditions and customs can still be in seen in England and other countries today.

The people in Glenn Innes, Australia, For instance, are very indebted to the their Celtics roots. There they celebrate their ancestors culture every year through poetry, singing, and Celtic art.

Every year visitors from all around Australia, even the globe, travel to Glenn Innes to take part in this 4 day Celtic festival.

Held throughout the town and at the beautiful Australian Standing Stones, the festival has more events and activities than one could do in 4 days.

But you should try!

The festival is jammed with everything Celtic: Back to Back music from such bands as; Mick McHugh, Murphy’s PigsPumpkin Juice, and other great bands. Competitions such as the strongman even, consisting of Rock carrying and caber tossing. And the Celtic country yard dog championships, to see which dog can manage sheep stock best.

Finishing off with the Kirking of the Tartans, a Celtic ceremony with rich history.

The closest airport is the Gold Coast Airport rough 256 Km, about 4 hours long. So be sure to stock up snacks and road games.

When you get there the accommodations are quite nice. The humble town has about 10 hotels to choose from, many of them fully equipped with free wifi, TV, and a pool. If those fill up in during the festival, there are many residents will to open their homes to visitors and give them a healthy dose of Celtic hospitality. In case there is no space left, there is a camping space suitable for tents, caravans, and Motorhomes.

So if you are interested in the culture of your ancestors or just want to have a fun road trip in May, this is the event for you.


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