Northern Europe Cruises

Northern Europe Cruises

When you book northern Europe cruises there are basically three different ones you can choose from.  One is the Baltic Sea cruise where you will take a cruise through the Baltic Sea to the northern Europe great capitals where you may find choosing which great sightseeing opportunities you want to see.  There are many royal palaces, historic architecture, and museums to visit and take pictures of.  On this cruise you can visit Copenhagen which is a great city to walk around in.

A second choice may be the Norwegian Fjords cruise.  On this cruise you get to travel along the thirteen thousand miles of Norway’s coast line created by the deep gorges, or fjords.  Here you can see hamlets, fishing villages, and tiny cities along with waterfalls and glaciers.  The ports of calls on this cruise were once the strongholds of the Vikings.

The third choice would be the Ireland and British Isles cruises.  On this cruise you can find five countries that are complied into two islands that are smaller than California with each having their own variety of cultures.  In Ireland you want to make sure that you visit Dublin and Cork to kiss the Blarney Stone, visit museums, gardens, and much more.

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