Facts About Europe

Facts About Europe

There are many interesting facts about Europe such as it is the sixth largest continent in the world with over four million square miles.  Europe also has some very famous active volcanoes with the largest one that is still active being Etna, located in southern Italy in Sicily.  Etna is not only the most active volcano in the world but also the tallest European volcano.  Other interesting facts about Europe are that it is the home to both the smallest and largest country in the world.  The largest country is Russia by both area and population and the smallest country is Vatican City State.

In Romania you will find The Merry Cemetery, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The cemetery is located in North Romania in Sapanta.  This cemetery is a huge tourist attraction because of its atypical design tombstones, which are big crosses that have been sculpted from oak wood and painted by hand.  They are painted yellow, red, green, and blue.  Instead of having the serious epitaphs they are engraved with funny ones that describe the circumstances in which the person died.

In France is where the Statue of Liberty was constructed.  The meaning of Europe means broad, broad of aspect, wide-gazing, and comes from the Ancient Greeks.

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