Europe Current Events

Europe Current Events

At this time there are many things that are happening that can be considered Europe current events.  One current event is that Roger Federer, six-time champion at Wimbledon, took the royal route and has reached the third round after a win over Fabio Fognini from Italy.  It took seventy four minutes for the six-time champion to secure the third round.  Roger Federer is attempting to get his seventh Wimbledon title.

Europe current events also include the countdown to the summer Olympics that are being held in London beginning July 27th and concluding on August 12th.  They are lowing the five large Olympic rings off the Tower Bridge that spans the Thames River.  These large rings measure eighty-two feet in width and are thirty-seven feet tall.  Also in regards to the summer Olympics there are several officials that have been barred from attending the games.

One of those officials that have been barred from the games is the head of the Syrian Olympic Committee by refusing to grant them a visa to travel to London for the games.  The reason that they denied his visa is because of his ties to the regime of the Syrian President.  These are just some of the many Europe current events.

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