Best Spots to Kitesurfing in Brazil


Enjoy kitesurfing? Brazil provides beautiful beaches with strong wind and wave for you to enjoy the water sport and develop your kitesurfing skill. Here are some bests spots to Kitesurf that you might want to visit:

  1. Cumbuco. This beach is 15 miles east or 40 minutes to Fortaleza city. It’s beautiful flat water lagoon, waves and long down winders attracts Brazilian or foreign visitor to visit this place. Its wind condition is commonly 15-35 knot to northeast. It is very advised to kitesurf in this Cumbuco beach on May to February when the wind is at its best. Hotels, restaurants, and shops are also available near the beach to make you feel like home.
  2. Barra/Lagoa do Cauipe. The beach is one of the most famous kitesurf spot in the world. In busy day, you can see over 30 people kitesurfing in this lagoon. They favor this lagoon very much for its ideal wind and wave to kitesurf and beautiful landscape to enjoy. You can also take some rests in a hut with cold beer and delicious food.
  3. Taiba lagoon. Taiba lagoon is definitely one of the best places to kitesurf in Brazil.  It’s constant strong winds, big waves, warm water, and flat-water lagoons and nice down wind is the perfect condition to kitesurf.

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