Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking Through Europe

If you want to visit Europe but do not really have the money, one of the best ways to travel and see the country is backpacking through Europe.  Before you go, there are some things that you should make sure that you do.  The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you purchase a backpack that is legal to take on the airplane that is taking you to Europe.  This means that it should be either a 22x 35×55 cm or 9x14x22 inches.   This size is considered a travel backpack and looks like regular luggage.  Make sure that you are packing light because it must all fit in the backpack.  This would include at least two days of clothing and a light jacket.  You can wash your laundry every night in the sink in the hostel where you stay.  If something wears out you can buy another one in Europe.

Make sure that you buy travel size toiletries, a journal, pens, and a camera to record your journey.  Make sure that you have a passport and you should also map out where you want to go and what you want to see plus how long you want to stay.  The best means of transportation is by rail.

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