3 Places to visit in Scotland

Places to visit in Scotland

If you have a plan to go for holiday with your family or friends, it is not a bad idea to visit Scotland. There are many beautiful places which you can discover one by one. However, since there are many beautiful places to visit, there are 3 most recommended places which you can discover with your beloved family or friends.

Places to visit in Scotland

The first one is Edinburgh, this place is a must visit when you come to Scotland. This place has been claimed by UNESCO as the world heritage site. Edinburgh has two district areas: The old town and new town. You can see “Edinburgh Festival” on August which will show you the most amazing show in the street.

Another great place that you can visit is Glasgow. It is one the largest and most populous place in Scotland. There are many attractions from this area such as Glasgow cathedral, St. Mungo museum and Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. If you want to see the views of the city, you can visit Glasgow tower which can show you the beautiful view of Glasgow city. And the last is Highland. This place is attracting because of its national park which said to be the home for six highest mountains in UK. For wildlife enthusiast this place is the most favorite site to visit.

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